3 Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Techniques, How To Create It Like A Pro?

Eyelash extensions have become a crucial element of modern women’s lives, and they allow to enhance the appearance and create a unique look. Particularly, those in the eyelash extensions business continuously create new trends that force an ever-changing style. One of these fashions can be hybrid eyelash extensions, and the model of this type is Hollywood celebrity, Kim Kardashian.

Many eyelash stylists across the globe make this eyelash by putting artificial hairs over natural eyelashes. If you’re looking to learn how to make the most effective hybrid eyelash extensions for your clients, look at this article.

hybrid eyelash extensions

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What exactly are hybrid eyelash extensions?

Hybrid eyelash extensions are distinctive in appeal and gained popularity in 2016. The appearance is like each lash is growing more significant than the rest. The extensions placed for a lengthy period give the appearance of “beams.” They make the eyelashes appear messy and multi-level.

The space between them is determined depending on the individual’s naturally-formed lashes and the desired look. A complete hybrid collection of eyelashes provides volume even for the smallest eyelashes. In reality, it is constructed using eyelashes that are created using the 2D or 3D method. Its unevenness in the length of lashes adds to the eye’s natural beauty by elegantly framing the eye. The result of “Eyelash extensions Kim K” is only possible with an expert with the right capabilities and knowledge.

The concept behind this hybrid eyelash extensions method

There isn’t a clear strategy. Each eyelash stylist is responsible for their plan. The health of the eyelashes of the client is vital. If they are weak or sparse, it’s recommended to wear synthetic hair.

The beams must be placed about 3-5 millimeters away from the outside edges of lashes and along the entire ciliary line every 2-4 millimeters. The less often beams are located, the less noticeable the result.

If the primary eyelash extends, described by a seamless transition between 8 to 12 millimeters and then back to 8 mm, the rays need to be defined as 10 mm in the outside corner. The transition should be 13 millimeters towards the center, then back 10 mm at the inner corner. The length can be reduced to 9 millimeters at the corners and end the extension by extending the main length.

For the appearance of subtle hybrid lashes to create the illusion of subdued hybrid lashes, you could also combine a volume. The most important thing is that the lashes are identical across the entire eye.

2D and 3D Volume for Kim K Eyelash Extensions

The best result is using 2D as well as 3D volume lashes. If you apply 4D as well as mega volume, the beams won’t look nice, and they’ll disappear into the pattern that is the line of lashes.

What is the ideal quality of hybrid eyelash extensions?

We recommend using diameters ranging from 0.05 or 0.10. The beams must be the same size. If the eyelashes of the patient permit it, then you can use a more robust synthetic material. A single beam can ruin the entire process.

What is the most suitable length to wear natural hybrid eyelashes?

Starting with the most extended length beginning from the main length, the “rays” of the first row should be 2mm larger, and those of the rows followed by 3 millimeters. Make use of the 2D and 3D eyelash extensions methods. Don’t make use of cumbersome eyelash extensions. Please take into consideration it is already three hairs in a single beam.

What are the most effective curls to use for hybrid eyelash extensions?

The curl can be used in different ways that match the eyes of the client. A lot of eyelash stylists mix the curls D and C. They are applied in different locations on the ciliary line by the presence of elongation on the outside edge of the eyes.

What eyelash extension material is the best choice to create hybrid lashes?

We suggest using synthetic mink. It is incredibly light and has a gorgeous sheen that is great for 3D and 2D volume lashes.

The most effective method for naturally hybrid eyelash extensions

1. Natural eyelashes develop chaotically in multiple layers. It is essential to identify the lowest layer, and shorter extensions will be joined with the bottom layer. Some glues can be used for long eyelash extensions on the uppermost ciliary row.

2. Apply the glue to the rays first. The beams (longer extensions of the lash extensions) are fixed symmetrically to the lash line of the client, which helps to reduce time spent comparing and results in a better result. Additionally, the placement of the beams will reduce the time of work. They are usually attached to the upper row of lashes as it is more practical for the client to wash and clean the lashes from above. Rather than cleaning, they clean the lashes beneath.

3. Increase the length of eyelashes until they reach the outer edges of the eyes. For instance, short eyelash extensions that measure 7 millimeters are 10 millimeters long between the line of lashes and slowly reduce a couple of millimeters towards the corner of the eye. The longer lashes stick 3 millimeters more than the short lashes and, consequently, they alter length.

The step-by-step process for creating an organic hybrid eyelash job

Eyelash extensions with eyelash extensions that have the “Kim K lashes” effect are a fashion statement across the globe. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • The eyelash stylist must analyze your client’s eyelash structure.
  • The patient lies in a comfortable spot, and it takes a bit of time to make a fresh pair of hybrid eyelash extensions. We suggest offering the client an extra blanket to help them relax.
  • The eyelashes need to be cleaned and primed with the pre-base. If this isn’t done, the eyelash extensions won’t last for long.
  • Hydrogel patches are glued onto the upper eyelids. Some stylists utilize tapes to fixate the eyelashes and prevent the eyelashes from adhering to each other.
  • On the one hand, these extensions are separated using the help of a Tweezer. On the other hand, more minor eyelash extensions are put on the bottom row.
  • The synthetic hair must be sprayed onto the natural eyelash about 1 millimeter away from the eyelid.
  • After you have completed all of the lower layers of the ciliary row by using short extensions, continue an upper row.
  • In any order, the “rays” of longer extensions are glued randomly.
  • Once the application process has been completed, after which the eyelashes are combed to find areas that are missing eyelashes, and empty spaces are filled in with eyelash extensions.
  • The patches are then taken off.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Eyelashes

The most crucial benefit of hybrid eyelash extensions can be that they give a stunning eyelash appearance.

There are additional benefits to using the design:

  • A full assortment of hybrid eyelash extensions will increase the length and volume of lashes.
  • Hybrid lashes bring more brightness to tired eyelashes.
  • It fits almost every eye shape.
  • Eyelashes that are thin hybrid lashes cover a protruding eyelid.
  • The client is not required to apply any additional makeup.
  • Hybrid eyelash extensions can be worn with any look (business look, sporty, and evening looks).

Advantages of classic hybrid Eyelashes

  • A skilled eyelash stylist can do the job.
  • An entire pair of hybrid lashes is approximately three hours. The more dramatic the result is, the more time it takes.
  • Hybrid lashes are not recommended for people with small eyes.
  • Longer eyelash extensions aren’t challenging to be broken off at the ends
  • The effect of lashes is shorter when compared with volume and classic eyelash styles

Hybrid hair with colored lashes

The color-coordinated eyelash extensions are getting more and more fashionable in the present. A complete collection of hybrid lashes with different shades looks highly expressive. A lot of eyelash stylists employ brown extensions to achieve this look. There are no limitations in the choice of colors. Green and blue extensions, along with bright beams that are neon-colored, may also be used.

Who would be best suited the best for “Kim K lashes”?

The look appears different depending on the angle of your eyes. It is ideal for those with big eyes. If there’s no eyelid protruding, the results are exceptional. We don’t recommend it for those with smaller eyes. This approach is also not appropriate for people who aren’t accustomed to striking eyes.

How long will your treatment run?

The treatment should last a minimum of three hours.

How long do lashes from a complete pair of hybrid lashes last?

Don’t expect the outcome to last for long. Because of the length, they could need to be corrected within two weeks.

Do you have any contraindications with classic hybrid eyes?

Hybrid eyelash extensions are not contraindicated. People wearing glasses with long eyelashes from the “Kim Kardashian “Kim Kardashian” effect create problems: the rays from the regular eyelash row rest on the glass and cause brittleness around the edges. This is why eyelash extensions must not be too long.

Care for hybrid eyelash extensions

The client receives expert technical assistance after the procedure is complete. There isn’t any difference between similar types or eyelash extensions methods:

  • Eyes should not be wet following treatment. (24 hours)
  • Swimming pools or saunas are permitted until the glue is dry.
  • Be careful not to cause damage to or damage the hybrid eyelash extensions when you sleep with your eyes on your pillow.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes in light of the volume and length of lashes.
  • It is recommended not to use glasses until the glue is dry.
  • Cleanse your face and apply your classic hybrid lashes each day.

The proper care and maintenance of your hybrid eyelash extensions will prolong the effects.