3 Different Types of Eyelash Extensions, Which best style for you?

Before we discuss about the different types of eyelash extensions We must first comprehend the definition of eyelash extensions. In the future, we will not just be able to determine the type, but also how are able to identify which eyelash extensions designs are most suitable for us. Get The Tips Now!

Extensions are cosmetic items which attach to your natural eyelashes in order to make them appear lengthier and more curly. They should be put on one at a time using the use of formaldehyde-free glue and latex to avoid infection. Lashes that are different sizes can be joined for a more natural appearance.

Similar to the 3 different types of eyelash extensions there are three major types of eyelash extensions as well in the market. The most popular are made from synthetic fibres, which are cheap and shiny. There are silk eyelash extensions and they are softer and more flexible than the earlier ones. Additionally they are Siberian mink extensions that are the most natural, and the least expensive.

When purchasing, in along with the fabric, take into consideration the length of the eyelashes. This is why it is important to be aware of about the different types of eyelash extensions first. For small eyes the size of an intermediate one is advised, while larger eyes can benefit from a larger length. It is also important to take into consideration the thickness, the nature of the curl, and if they come in groups.

Different types of eyelash extensions

Classic Vs. volume Vs hybrid lashes The choice is yours. Which kind of false lashes will work most suitable for you? And how do you choose between the different types of eyelash extensions that are available?

different types of eyelash extensions

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Eyelashes that are long, like flawless skin, can be an inherited lottery prize that everybody is competing for. Who wouldn’t want that? Long eyelashes definitely enhance and show the beauty of eyes, which are believed by many as the most beautiful feature of our body.

Unfortunately it isn’t always the case to have naturally long and full eyelashes. However, that shouldn’t hinder you from getting them now and revealing the beautiful that your eyes have. We thank God for the blessing of eyelash extensions! The first time they were used was 1911!! !

This method has helped a lot of people to achieve the look they want. This involves placing semi-permanent hair fibres (usually made from mink fur or human hair) in the natural lashes to enhance the look of the lashes appear longer, highlighting eyelashes, making them look more vibrant and more attractive.

Prior to going to the closest eyelash extension shop, it is essential to be aware of the type of eyelash extension you’re going to buy. There exist different types of eyelash extensions which are comprised of three types of them: three types: classic, hybrid, and volume eyelash extensions. If you’re not familiar with the entire eyelash extensions thing it’s possible that you think they’re all the same. Don’t be fooled, lady.

If you’re trying to figure out what one would look the best on you from this different types of eyelash extensions such as hybrid with classic lashes, classic vs volume lashes or hybrid with volume lashes We’ll assist you in deciding the one of these types is the best for you.

Let’s dissect them. Below are three different types of eyelash extensions. Beginning at…

Classic Eyelash Extensions

There’s no way to miss out on the classics, so they claim. The classic lashes can be described as the most well-known kind that comes with eyelash extensions. This is the most traditional type of extensions ever created and remains the most popular choice for many, particularly for those looking to get an easy, hassle-free simple, minimalist style. This is a great alternative if you’re just beginning to learn about extensions and especially if do not want to draw attention to your appearance.


The extensions are used in the ratio 1:1, which is one extension per natural eyelash. It typically takes between an hour and a quarter up to 2 hours for the application of an extension. It is the classic eyelash extension to both eyes.


15mm is the most ideal length for classic lashes but there are also 12mm and 10mm for a minimum. These can be put on natural lashes or apply another coat with the same length to give volume.


Affordability The classic kind is generally the most affordable extension. Its price ranges from 0 up to 0 based on the salon or the technician you choose to. The application process is faster. While one or two hours may be a bit tedious for some, lash professionals only require one extension for each natural lash in an application that’s called the classic set, which is quicker than other types.

Naturalness If you’re searching for an appearance that is more natural and feel, then this is the best option for you. ComfortThe extensions tend to be light on the eyes, making them comfortable enough to wear for leisure, work or simply doing household chores.


not suitable for everyone. Unfortunately there aren’t many people who call to get an classic appearance. If your lashes are thin and thin lashes, classic eyelash extension isn’t for you because it might not cover the gaps in a uniform manner. Too curly- Classic extensions only give natural appearance with no frizz or flare, therefore you might want to opt for a more striking alternative. In terms of bold choices we’ll take it to the next level with this.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

If you’re looking to create an eye look that’s more stunning and gorgeous look, you must consider expanding eyelash extensions.

A relatively new addition to the false lash world the volumized eyelash extensions provide a more full and more lush look which adds glamour and drama to your eyes and, in the same time giving you a younger appearance. The style is often called Russian volume eyelash extensions, because Russian eyelash specialists were among the very first people to introduce the technique.

Volume eyelash extensions are able to transform from an extremely natural style by extending length and volume by using two-dimensional and three-dimensional lashes to a striking appearance with 5D lashes. 5D version.


Volume eyelash extensions generally are used in a proportion of 1 many. This implies that it is possible to apply multiple eyelash extension for each natural eyelash to create the desired volume. The total amount of extensions per fan is 2D, 3D 5D, 7D and 10D. The false eyelashes are put together into a fan before attaching them onto the original eyelash. The majority of people tend to choose an 3D or 5D proportion in order to create that amazing fan-like shape.


Volume eyelash extensions are available in 0.05 to 0.07mm for the standard set, as well as 0.03 up to 0.05mm for an enormous volume.


Ideal for dramatic appearances This is a great option for dramatic look Volumizing lashes are commonly utilized to mark special occasions, such as weddings, parties and other social occasions. These lashes can give you a complete scene-stealing look. Longer lashesThey are lashes will help you attain thicker, more full lashes especially in cases of sparse lashes. They can fill in the gaps when you’ve got thin lashes.


A less natural appearance Lashes that have 5D or greater are thicker than average, which means they appear less natural than what you’d expect. You might want to look at using the less volume option, unless you prefer the look. The process is lengthy- Volume lashes are more difficult to put on as compared to classic eyelash extensions because they require a volume set will require a significant quantity of fans. Also, making them is a lengthy procedure, meaning it could take a long time before professionals apply the lashes to the natural lashes.

If you’re willing to put off, this shouldn’t be a problem. They are not suitable for use in everyday life. Sports volume lashes might not fit certain individuals. Contrary to classic lashes, volume lashes do not work in all kinds of workplaces for example, in the medical field, as well as certain manual labor.

Pricey because it requires more eyelash extensions time, effort and expertise to complete the volume set, it’s slightly more costly in comparison to classic falsies. lashes. They can cost between $200 and $300 based on the cost at the place you visit however, you can consider this as an investment. Try it out before making a decision between an classic model or more substantial set.

What if you’re looking to have the most from the two?

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Based on the name, hybrid eyelash extensions combine classic and volume lashes and give a varied texture as well as a more pronounced appearance, without having the appearance of natural.

The eyes will be complemented more when you are in a single-style set. Actually, this kind of extension is very well-liked by Hollywood celebrities, specifically those from the Kardashian family, which popularized the look.

The hybrid set is comprised of 70 percent volume and 30 percent classic and some other types of technology can also be 50-50. Each of these offers a completely different style.


Because it’s the result of a hybrid of two styles in the end, the application procedure will differ, and ultimately depend on the combination you choose. Based on the procedure, it could take anywhere from three to four hours to complete.


Like the process of applying the thickness of lashes will also be determined by the mix you pick.


A great mix of both. This set can be used in the event that you’re not happy with the extensions you have chosen. If you’re not looking to gain the huge volume instantly or be content with gaps in your classic lashes This is definitely the right choice for you. The hybrid style lets you achieve volume and natural look in just one go.

It blends the richness with the fullness volume lashes with the thin and unnatural appearance that are typical of classic fake lashes.

Workplace-friendly– As the hybrid doesn’t have an extravagant, flashy style This could be perfect for those times when you’d like to look cool and flashy at work without looking big enough to attract the attention of your boss.

Ideal For all eyelash typesThe Hybrid is perfect for those with different types of eyelashes, no matter how thin, thick, or weak, and provides them with a the most dramatic and striking appearance.

Value for money Although it’s higher priced in comparison to classic eyelash extensions however, it’s a lot less expensive in comparison to volume eyelash extensions. The cost ranges between $100 and $345 dependent on the expertise of your lash stylist.


Rare Finding a quality hybrid eyelash extensions service may be a an issue, since not all salons offer these services and not all artists or lash technicians are able to properly perform a set. You should hire an expert who has experience in both styles.

Long-running process Hybrid extensions require time and precision to create a fantastic fan. In the best case scenario, the entire procedure could take between one and three hours, based on the type of combination selected.

Eyelash Extension Styles

Out of the 3 different types of eyelash extensions that we’ve discussed above There are many types of eyelash extensions that are commonly used by the majority of people. Here are the top five well-known eyelash extensions in the present:

eyelash extensions styles

1. Cat eye eyelash extensions

If you apply these eyelash extensions properly and effectively they will give you an attractive eyeshine. The cat effect is not only extends the eyelashes, but also creates an attractive and natural curvature. Its “cat’s eye” creates a cute look, whereas the imitation of the cat is subtle. Eyelashes for cats are appropriate for use in everyday life.

2. Colored eyelash extensions

The colored eyelash extensions are among the latest trend in makeup, and vary from burgundy green to mountain red. The trick is to blend them with the color that you have on your lashes to create an authentic highlight.

3. Wispy eyelash extensions

Wispy lashes provide an elegant and soft appearance. Light and gorgeous They are extremely comfortable! Apply glue on the strip, let it dry a bit and then glue them to the bottom of the natural lashes and make sure that they’re comfy. Take a few seconds to open your eyes.

4. Doll’s Eye eyelash extension

They are referred to as “doll eyes” because the eyelash design resembles that of doll eyelashes. A variety of lengths of extensions are employed to create this effect. At first glance, the extension creates the appearance that mascara has previously been put on the lashes.

5. Natural eyelash extensions

False eyelashes that look natural are ones that blend eyelashes of different lengths. They mimic the natural look of the eyelashes , and blend them in seamlessly. They won’t appear “perfect” or symmetrical, which makes the effect much more subtle.

Frequently Asked Questions

An aspiring newbie to the eyelash extensions issue might be pondering a few things in their head:

Are eyelash extensions impact your natural lashes?

Most of the time, they aren’t. If you apply the fake lashes are properly applied, and the lash technician’s directions follow exactly it shouldn’t be a issues.

Do falsies cause irritation or cause eye irritation?

No. After you’ve got your lashes are in your face it will be like you’re natural lashes have developed. However, touching or rubbing your lashes often could cause irritation.

Do they remain for a long time?

False eyelash extensions are able to last up 8 (8) weeks if taken care of properly until they begin to fall out naturally, as genuine eyelashes typically do. When they start to fall out it is possible to go back and request an eyelash technician fill in the missing pieces. What’s the length of time the eyelash lifting last?

Do I have to wear eye makeup while they are off?

Yes, but there are some limitations. The products should not contain oil and be less than glycerin and glycol since they may influence the hold of lashes and make them fall out in a hurry. For those with volume and hybrid hairpieces, stay away any types of mascaras because they can damage the fan.

Do I rest well with falsettos off?

Yes you can, however, do not sleep in a stomach position or touching any surface as the friction could result in to cause the lashes drop. If you have false eyelashes, take them off before you go to go to bed.

Can men get fakes too?

Of course they could! The males are also eyelash consciousand benefit from services to obtain stunning lashes to enhance their appearance. It’s the same for everybody who is on the other side of the gender spectrum.

A Word of Advice

We’ve now covered the 3 different types of eyelash extensions and what they have to offer and what they’re suitable for and what their drawbacks could be. Whichever you choose is, whether it’s one that is classic or volume, volume or an hybrid be sure to think about the type of lashes you’re looking for and those different types of eyelash extensions that you are familiar with as well as your face features to ensure they can be incorporated and create a stunning appearance that is certain to make a splash in the crowd.

Additionally, it is important to examine the qualifications and experience for the eyelash technician prior to settling on the best one for maximum achievement. Although it’s best to trust the expertise of a beginner technician, selecting skilled professionals is always a wise choice. Make sure you request references from previous customers and check out customer reviews.